Testimonials: Massage and Bodywork in Northampton, MA


Massage Therapy in Northampton, MA

"I was very impressed by Kristen's remarkable and wide ranging skills and perhaps even more importantly, her deep wisdom. She was attuned to various physical and emotional needs in many different ways.  She is an incredible massage therapist.  The best ever for me by far.  I highly recommend her!”    ~H.A., June 2011

"Calm.  Safe.  Sacred.  Attentive.  These are the qualities in the air when Kristen works, and are the qualities evoked inside myself when I'm getting a massage from her.  When pain and tightness would otherwise throw me (or my back) into despair and numbness, Kristen helps me to return to a state of flow."    ~J.M., Pioneer Valley, MA, August 2011

"...one hip in particular was so painful that it interfered with my daily activities, not to mention hampered sports and dancing. I am a cautious believer in 'alternative therapies,' but thought I’d give Kristen a try.  She pretty much worked a miracle, as the pain disappeared entirely. She is very knowledgable and listens carefully. She absolutely worked for me, and I would recommend her to anyone."  ~M.T., western MA, May 2011

Somatic Therapy in Northampton, MA

Somatic Experiencing

Kristen's "services provided me with an opportunity to process a life changing event from all aspects.  I was able to incorporate some positive aspects to this previously viewed 'negative-only' experience.  I learned [how to] digest my traumatic event and release concepts/ideas/memories, allowing me to feel more whole, no longer disconnected.  I developed several, soothing, coping skills that I continue to utilize."     Forever grateful,  ~ J.D., western MA, August 2011

"Kristen is an amazing massage therapist. By skillfully & compassionately combining her deep knowledge of massage with her training in Somatic Experiencing, I was able to feel tension release in my body in a deep, impactful way. I experienced more range of motion and a feeling of full energy flow after a single 60 minute session with her."  ~C.J., Sept. 2011

Process Therapy

“Kristen brings many wonderful qualities to her work.  She is a deeply attuned listener who hears meaning beyond the words.  Kristen's insightful, respectful and authentic responses supported my unfolding.   I felt deeply seen and held by her.  I value our work together and feel it was instrumental in supporting a transformative process I was undergoing at that time.  I am deeply grateful Kristen.  Thank you.”  ~K.S.P, June 2011

"I can’t begin to describe the very deep personal changes that I’ve been able to make.  I have begun to believe in myself, to heal very old, limiting beliefs and to find the compassion that allows me to live beyond my past.  I stand at the center of my life now and am beginning to live the life I’ve always wanted."  ~T.M., Pioneer Valley, 2006